I Love Boys Love.....
So I've always been interested in boys love stories and recently there have been some great new ones released. In the past I used to make MVs making non gay stargate characters look like they were in love with each for my friends on the gateworld forum. Now there are amazing films and dramas with real gay couples I can vid for :)  The film Seven Days which was released last year and is an adaptation of the manga of the same name is such a beautiful film (the manga is also really worth a read) I actually watched it first without subs as they had not been done, but the film was so faithful to the manga that even with my little knowledge of the language I understood the film. Not to mention the acting and feeling of the film really brought the story to life despite the language barrier. I cannot recommend this film enough! Also for the first time I watched a Taiwanese drama called Love Sick, which is based upon a light novel I have since also read. Although the drama wasn't perfect, especially season 2 which with it's 3o something episodes spent far too long on side plots and was quite frankly skippable in places. It did however have some great chemistry between the actors especially the main couple Noh and Phun, really believable and I have to say most of the male cast were fantastic and it will be interesting to see where they go in their careers now. So now I'm even more stuck on bl and although I don't watch the anime, there seems to be more and more great live action to keep me going. Now I'm just waiting on some more decent girls love. Transit Girls was a good if short drama that aired last year but hopefully more will follow, as the boys love genre does seem to be much larger for now!
Here are some of my new MVs
Doushitemo Furetakunai ( I am very afraid to touch) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAVSwzV5GHA

My Top 10 JDrama's of 2015
A huge Thanks to all those wonderful people that sub dramas so I can understand them :)

My first vlog
So I made my first vlog, thought I'd link it here

More tattoos
So to go with my earlier post, I had my 2 favourite Shinkengers tattooed on my feet. I loved Chiaki and how cheeky he was but how when it came to it he was caring and did his best to outdo Takeru once he got serious. Kotoha is just adorable, after her first stumble she just kicks ass and her clumbyness and lack of skill in anything except fighting and playing the flute makes her so relatable and endearing

Super Sentai
I absolutely love Super Sentai, ever since I saw Shinkenger as it aired. It feels a bit odd to geek out so much ove a 'childrens tv show' I put childrens in quotation marks as it is so much more grown up than Power Rangers. But it is still made for children and as such is childish in many ways, depending on the series. I cannot claim to have seen them all (I mean seriously there is at most recent 39 seasons) but I have watched a good handful and contine to do so. Shinkenger is probably still my favourite although Gokiager gave it a good run for it's money. I am currently watching Ninninger weekly with my son as it airs, it's so great we have something we can both be passionate about. Most of my friends think i'm crazy (and family) but I can honestly say finding Sentai has changed my life. It led me on to also watch Keman Rider and JDramas, and there is great satisfaction to be had in nt only loving a tv show but learning from it. I am slowly understanding more and more of the Japanese language and learning more and more about it's culture, which is much more satisfying than just watching tv from your own culture. I hope to be able to visit Japan one day, thought I'm sure it will take me a long time to save enough money!!

So I thought I would share my Stargate tattoo here, I just love it

It's Been A While...
To be honest I had forgotten all about my livejournal. I really only use YouTube and Facebook and occasionally reddit. However seeing as I now remember I have it I may as well use it :) In the last couple of years I have fallen more and more in love with Japanese tv starting with Super Sentai and Kamen Rider and then onto dramas. Now I hardly watch anything but and they have led to great inspiration for my videos! Well I had to find something after Stargate was rudely cancelled!

More Vidding fun

Ok most probably my favourite SG1 ship, Daniel/Cameron. Theya re just too hot! Anyway here is a vid i made its Daniel/Cameron/Vala. Enjoy :)


New Video
Ok so this is the first time I've got round to posting one of my videos on live journal. Its a Jack/Sam vid to the song fragile by poets of the fall :o)

My first post

So i've finally joined up, i seem to have hundreds of accounts all over the web, i sure ill think of something exciting to say soon.......but not right now


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