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Super Sentai
I absolutely love Super Sentai, ever since I saw Shinkenger as it aired. It feels a bit odd to geek out so much ove a 'childrens tv show' I put childrens in quotation marks as it is so much more grown up than Power Rangers. But it is still made for children and as such is childish in many ways, depending on the series. I cannot claim to have seen them all (I mean seriously there is at most recent 39 seasons) but I have watched a good handful and contine to do so. Shinkenger is probably still my favourite although Gokiager gave it a good run for it's money. I am currently watching Ninninger weekly with my son as it airs, it's so great we have something we can both be passionate about. Most of my friends think i'm crazy (and family) but I can honestly say finding Sentai has changed my life. It led me on to also watch Keman Rider and JDramas, and there is great satisfaction to be had in nt only loving a tv show but learning from it. I am slowly understanding more and more of the Japanese language and learning more and more about it's culture, which is much more satisfying than just watching tv from your own culture. I hope to be able to visit Japan one day, thought I'm sure it will take me a long time to save enough money!!


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